Coaching & Conversation Lead

Contact’s Customer business is undertaking a business transformation in the face of a hyper-competitive market, eroding margins and liquid expectations from customers. The purpose of the Coaching & Conversation Lead role is to engage our people in business change activity and provide ongoing coaching to embed new ways of working.

What you’ll do

You’ll do this by:

  • Leading focused coaching discussions, with leaders and key stakeholders across the Customer business, to drive and embed behavioural changes that enable Customer to deliver its strategic priorities.
  • Structuring coaching discussions to enable the capability growth of leaders.
  • Proactively engaging with the Outstanding Customer Experience leadership team and the wider Customer business.
  • Role modelling a business transformation mind set, inclusive of analysis principles to truly understand the problem we are solving and the associated benefits.
  • Enabling the culture change of moving a service based team to becoming a sales focused team.
  • Taking the initiative to recommend and voice solutions that result in efficiencies or improved customer experiences.
  • Delivering reporting and feedback that measures progress against objectives.
  • Building relationships within Customer, with a focus on shaping our culture and internal engagement.
  • Operating on a work assignment basis, supporting priority initiatives across Customer.

You’ll bring to the role (experience requirements):

  • Proven flexibility with change and the ability to refocus on new work assignments quickly.
  • A core part of your DNA is the ability to get results through people, initiated by tailored coaching methodologies and conversations.
  • The ability to positively disrupt our business with new and emerging coaching and leadership practices.
  • An ability to lead and work with an agile methodology to enable speed of execution.
  • An ability to quickly gain a deep understanding of Customer processes, systems and technology, with particular focus on the touch point experience of customers (NPS)
  • Expertise in developing engaging relationships and generating action orientated outcomes.
  • Strong experience working between strategy and operational execution.

How you’ll be successful:

You’ll work to gain trust in every relationship you have with our Customer leaders and the wider Customer team. This will be demonstrated through your ability to engage and drive change. You’ll successfully lift our coaching capabilities within Customer to a new level. Your proactive and positive approach will deliver improvements to NPS and internal engagement, drive efficiencies in work flow and ultimately develop our people to grow new capabilities. You’ll confer with your peers and team around you, sounding ideas, looking for feedback and taking on board suggestions to improve.

Applications close, 5pm Sunday 18th November 2018
Please apply online or for more information contact

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