Mini Tanker Operator Assessor (673-668)

Applications close Wednesday 13 June 2018.

Required Skills:

Company name/division: Z Energy Limited/Mini Tankers
Job title:
Mini Tanker Operator Assessor
Reports to:
Operations Manager
May 2018
Job purpose:

The nature of the MT (Mini-Tankers) task requires heavy reliance on administrative controls (i.e. changing the way people work), specifically MT operators. MT operators generally work on the task alone and are required at all times, while on their shifts, to actively manage the operational risks in the Mini-Tanker business – 5 of which form part of Z’s enterprise HSSE operational risk profile .

They may receive limited risk management support during a shift from the Zees (aka franchisees) or the MT operations team (e.g. toolbox meeting or mid-shift phone call). In addition, MT operators must manage risk on customer sites, often interacting with employees of the customer. MT’s operational environment is highly variable. No two shifts are the same.

The MT Operator Assessor’ purpose is to ensure we are managing this risk effectively by conducting and overseeing the Mini Tanker Operator Assessment function ensuring that all Z MT Relief Staff , Zee’s operators and Zees themselves meet all requirements of being certified as a professional MT operator which include maintaining HSSE standards that are ‘Best in Class’ at all times. In the latter's case this also includes assessing capability (where relevant) of Zees to train their own staff/Zee operators

Key relationships:

  • Mini-Tankers - General Manager
  • Mini-Tankers Operations Manager
  • BDM - Franchisees Business Development
  • BDM - Safe Operations Manager
  • Operations Asset Coordinator
  • HSSE Business Partner Commercial
  • Mini-Tanker Zees Franchisees
  • Other Mini-Tanker Operator Assessors
  • Mini Tanker Relief Operator Coordinator

Location – Auckland

Direct Reports: Nil

Zee managed territories: 16

Company Relief Drivers

Mini-Tanker Operators: (circa) 90
Principal accountabilities:

Assessment and Training

Key support role to the Mini Tanker Operations Manager to ensure the implementation of the operator competency/HSSE objectives within the broader MT business and each Zee areas are provided at commencement of employment & then in an ongoing basis.

The role also has explicit accountability for improving the competence of all operators driving and operating Mini Tanker unit’s this also includes assessing Zees competence in conducting training/HSSE programs in their business in a manner compliant with MT (Zs) expectations.

Key Objectives:

  • Assess all new Mini-Tanker Unit driver/operators are capable of safely diving a MT unit and operating our diesel onsite refuelling service ie signing off on them being a MT Professional Refueller (MTPR).
  • In assessing the foregoing – independently assess if training has ben carried out by a Zee is adequate.
  • Ensure all (MTPR) operators maintain capability and competence standards through conducting an annual assessment of all MTPRs
  • In assessing the foregoing independently assess if ongoing supervision and/or coaching is being provided as support to operators by Zees, & coordinate any follow up on with franchisees or Mini-Tankers
Completing this through -

  • Coordinate resources and content required to deliver the Mini Tanker training program – directly or via Zees - within the agreed timeframes
  • Ensure competence and compliance with law is maintained at all times by all Mini Tanker operators
  • Complete Mini-Tanker unit assessments annually
  • Ensure all new drivers have an assessment completed before commencing driving unaccompanied
  • Contribute to the development of the Franchisee training program and coordinate and facilate any training associated with this program – for subsequent use with their drivers.
  • Main contact person for operator’s queries around training requirements of Mini Tanker owned truck/tank assets.
  • Provide expert advice and assistance to the Operations/BDM Safe Operations Manager on the Mini-Tanker operator training program.
  • Assist franchisees with development of Customer Service competencies.
  • Ensure that all policies and procedures are understood and completed in accordance with the VOM (Vehicle Operator Manual) by all operators
    • Take accountability for operator feedback and ensure any issues are closed out with the appropriate action and by the appropriate party.
    • Any ad hoc tasks which may be deemed necessary
Job knowledge, skills and experience:

  • At least 5 years’ experience driving a Class 2 and Class 5 vehicle and Experience in training and assessment of candidates to predetermined criteria
  • Ability to assess candidates against set standards and criteria
  • Good understanding of key HSSE objectives in the workplace
  • Commitment to customer service whilst also demonstrating an ability to not compromise risk management relative to customer and business needs.
  • An effective negotiation and assertiveness skill to ensure efficient training is delivered in accordance with Mini Tanker requests and requirements.
  • High level of communication and interpersonal skills to ensure positive relationships with key internal/external customers and stakeholders
  • Computer skills are necessary to operate the On Board Computer, POS and delivery system
  • Full working knowledge of key legislation e.g. Work time and logbook rule
Key competencies:

  • Class 2 licence – Pre requisite
  • I Endorsement
  • Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED NZ)
  • Fitness Tt Work Medical - Pre requisite
  • HSSE – Knowledge
  • Training and assessing skill - Mastery
  • Manages knowledge and information – Skill
  • Stakeholder engagement – Skill
  • Commercial Acumen - Skill
  • Strong influencing skills – Skill
  • Negotiating skills – Skill
  • Strong computer skills - Skill
Leading Self:

Drives safety outcomes by consciously directing your actions and the actions of others in a professional manner aimed towards Zero Harm outcomes.

Make HSSE part of what you stand for and support business operations in the management of risk and the implementation of HSSE management system by identifying hazards, reporting all incidents, near misses and potential incidents immediately.

Expected to have a thorough understanding of Z's Zero Harm, Golden Rules and Z Life Savers, and how to apply these in all that you do. Actively participate and provide feedback on HSSE programmes and initiatives. Have an understanding of your HSSE responsibilities under the law.

Actively participate and provide feedback on HSSE programmes and initiatives. Understand how you ensure you achieve HSSE compliance in your areas of responsibility
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