The FlexCareers app is a utility app for providing your job postings on the FlexCareers job platform, thereby increasing your pool of potential applicants.

This app requires the Feed app to work.


Apart from having a provider for job postings, you will also need to install the Feed app from the Aotal store.

Your app is expected to produce the following APIs to satisfy requirements for the Feed app


These will interact with FlexCareers via the following endpoints:


After you install both the Feed app and the FlexCareers app, FlexCareers registers your tenant's data via the /tas/core/tenants API endpoint.

Upon admin approval, your job postings will start appearing on the FlexCareers job boards as they get posted.

What a FlexCareers job entry is expected to have:

Your job entries will automatically be parsed and mapped by FlexCareers. The closer your job posting output matches the FlexCareers one, however, the better your job postings will look on FlexCareers.

An average Job posting on FlexCareers might contain the following,

Title: Assistant Business Banking Manager
Description: Your Job Postin's Description
Location: New Zealand/Wellington
Arrangements: Full-Time Flexible
Industries: Banking & Finance, Customer Service, Sales & Account Management
Posted On: 18 October 2017
Expires On: 18 November 2017

Origin tracking

The application link that you provide with your postings will be appended with ?source=FLEX if they're visited via FlexCareers. This is then tracked by Aotal's service so you know where a job application came from.

Updating frequency

Job postings are updated on an hourly basis. Changes to job status, e.g. removal or archiving are refreshed within the hour.


What follows is a reference of FlexCareers' native categories,


"Accounting", "Admin & Office Support", "Advertising & Media", "Agribusiness & Farming", "Architecture & Interior Design", "Arts & Entertainment", "Banking & Finance", "Building & Construction", "Consulting & Strategy", "Customer Service", "Defence / Emergency / Security", "Education / Training / Child Care", "Engineering", "Executive Management", "Government", "Green / Environment", "Healthcare & Medical", "Hospitality & Tourism", "Human Resources & Recruitment", "Insurance", "IT & Telecomms", "Legal", "Manufacturing & Operations", "Marketing & Communications", "Mining / Oil & Gas / Utilities", "Multimedia / Design / New Media", "Pharmaceutical", "Real Estate & Property", "Retail", "Sales & Account Management", "Science & Biotechnology", "Sport & Recreation", "Trades & Services", "Transport & Logistics", "Volunteer / Charity / Community"

FlexCareers Arrangements

"Job Share", "Part Time", "Contract Work", "Project based", "Flexitime", "Other flexible work options", "Casual", "Full-Time Flexible", "Shift work", "Non-standard hours", "Work From Home (Nationally)", "Term-Time Employment"