Job areas

AIA New Zealand

Our wide variety of corporate functions work together to enhance the way we do business and the products we offer. Learn more about them and discover how you can bring your career ambitions to life at AIA NZ.


We safeguard AIA NZ’s financial wellbeing by ensuring our products are well designed and suitably priced. We also analyse business performance to ensure proper management of the insurance policies in-force, while maintaining adequate reserves, reinsurance and capital levels to fulfil our obligations to policyholders.


At AIA NZ we are committed to delivering life products, solutions and services that anticipate and meet our clients’ real life needs. We do this by providing exceptional support and service to our partners and insurance advisers so that we can contribute in a positive way to the well-being of Nz’ers.


We are more than just a life insurer. We assist corporate clients by developing tailored solutions that focus on caring for their members and employees.


We safeguard AIA NZ’s financial interests through effective financial controls, timely and accurate management information and insightful financial analysis to support and drive the business forward. We are also responsible for all external reporting including statutory and regulatory filings.


We partner with the business to attract and retain the best people through: workforce planning; organisational culture and employee engagement, performance management and capability building, and rewards and recognition.


We help AIA NZ to engage in a meaningful way with customers and stakeholders. We ensure the consistency of messaging across all channels and design marketing campaigns and brochures to enhance the customer experience.


We provide effective and objective oversight of the risks faced by the Group and give assurance to management that the risks are being managed satisfactorily. Our work helps us an international standard of corporate governance.


We assist the business by delivering agile and innovative technology solutions to support the strategic plan. We also provide a range of support services to our employees and distribution partners.


We provide a range of services to our customers and distribution partners. We assess and process new applications, manage our existing customers’ policies, and handle customer queries. We are also there when it counts and actively manage claims to get the right outcome for our customers.


The Legal team work closely with the business and Group Office to meet its dual key objectives of providing accurate, commercial and timely legal services in support of business objectives, and to identify, minimise and manage risk.