Rewards and benefits

Air New Zealand

We believe that good work should be acknowledged by good reward.

Our people deliver a lot, and because each person has been hired for that special something, we know that they will rise to the challenge, a quality that lives within every Air New Zealander.

As acknowledged by winning the Randstad Award for Employer of Choice (twice 2011 & 2012) Air New Zealand is one of the world's strongest employment brands. Our strong management, interesting jobs, pleasant working atmosphere, salary and benefits and outstanding training, ensures a healthy level of competition for careers here. That means that we are on the radar of many a candidate, becoming an Air New Zealander is success in itself. Our culture, our ambition, our success and our quintessential 'Kiwi-ness' make Air New Zealand much more than a place to work.

We work very hard to give excellent people excellent benefits. We have found that what ambitious, committed people look for, is the opportunity to reach personal and professional goals. We encourage you to succeed, grow and reach your full potential and we have a range of benefits depending on your needs and goals.

When it comes to reward, we offer excellent development initiatives, discounts, employee benefits and performance-related incentives depending on your role. Proof that what we are doing is working, is the fact that we retain our people - they feel they simply could not find the same level of excitement and career satisfaction anywhere else. If you thrive on innovation, continuous improvement and are resilient, Air New Zealand is a great place for you.