Why work here?

Air New Zealand

We are a business unlike any other!

Guided by the attributes of our famous Koru, beautiful, tenacious, and even in the most difficult of situations the Koru can regenerate and re-grow. We are a company of self-starters, people who give it everything and wear the Air New Zealand Koru with tremendous pride. Air New Zealander's enjoy doing what they do, making friends with colleagues and are genuinely proud to tell people where they work.

As one of the world's leading airlines, we have a diverse business spanning the globe and touching on numerous industries. If you work for Air New Zealand or one of our subsidiaries, you will be working for a world leader in reputation and innovation. Strong leadership guides us through our transformations and change strategies, to meet arduous market demands. This ensures our success competing in tough markets and in winning awards!

We are good at what we do, because we enjoy doing it. We recognise that when a workforce enjoys what they do, they will achieve more and we all grow together. This growth enables Air New Zealand to be successful.

Challenges here are a given, and they are challenges that get you excited about what lies ahead. We are results focused and reward those who achieve results through hard work, thinking differently and encourage you to succeed, grow and aspire to your full potential.

If, when you look at your strengths, you see someone who is innovative, great with people, energetic, honest, down-to-earth and able to work through setbacks to get the right result, then you could be a great asset to our airline. If you are someone who likes to be challenged, who enjoys the cut and thrust of working in an industry where every second counts, then Air New Zealand will make a big difference to you and to your career.