Dipen Acharya

Client Adviser

AMP Wealth Management New Zealand

Here at AMP, we believe that when it comes to money matters, it pays to talk to a specialist. And as a member of our Client Adviser team, Dipen is responsible for delivering that help and guidance to our clients face to face and over the phone so they can make smart choices with their money.

“Many people are hesitant to talk about money or are held back by guilt from poor financial decisions in the past. My role is to provide reassurance that it’s never too late to get started on a plan for the future, and then work with our clients to put one in place that they can stick to”, says Dipen.

2020 was a tough year for many, with Covid-19 impacting New Zealand household incomes through salary cuts, redundancies or Kiwis working fewer hours:

“That can have a negative effect on your wellbeing, which is why the help we provide by offering financial guidance and answering questions about KiwiSaver and other investments is so important.

“And, we know it helps. In fact, New Zealanders who get professional financial advice are better off, saving 3.7% more of their income, travelling six times more per decade and have approximately 50% more in their superannuation savings”, says Dipen.