Tina MacLean

ANZ New Zealand

Providing data and insights to support relevant business units in addressing customer needs is what Tina does as Head of Customer Insight and Analytics for the Retail and Business Bank division of ANZ. “My team and I look at customer behaviour and help identify what sort of service or products will help our customers to get ahead. I’m motivated by being able to influence internal decisions and building synergies across different departments.”

Aside from what she does, Tina also cites working with great managers as another reason why she has been with ANZ for three years now. “The key to a great role is having a great boss, a person that can give you time and the appropriate freedom to be able to step up and step out. I’ve been lucky to work for some amazing and smart managers who I have learnt so much from in each of my roles to carry forward into new roles. I can honestly say that ANZ is the best employer that I’ve ever worked for. It’s genuine, it’s customer and employee focused and it plays to win.”

Lastly she also appreciates ANZ’s approach to flexible working. “I work with a team of twenty people and some of them work from home or work with adjusted times, to fit work along with their family life. I think this is an excellent way of keeping people and I think it’s a strong draw card to get talented women in particular back into the workplace.