Your career

ASB Bank

We place great value on ensuring you have opportunities to develop yourself and meet your career goals. We have a variety of methods to achieve this.

Careers site
We have a careers site showing you all the roles available in the ASB Group. These roles are updated daily and include full time, part time, and contract roles, as well as secondments. We aim to promote from within wherever possible, so all jobs are advertised internally before being released to the external job market, giving our staff an advantage in furthering their career.

Development plans
Each year, in conjunction with your manager, you will develop a personal development plan. This will detail your career goals and what steps you are going to take to achieve your goals.

Learning and development
We place huge value on your personal development, not only within your current role, but in terms of your entire career. We run a variety of training courses on everything from mentoring, sales, and presenting, to leadership training! Formal learning, however, is only one aspect of training. The majority of training occurs on the job through mentors, buddies, coaches and managers. We have innovative online learning systems to increase product knowledge, and each employee has a tailored development plan to ensure their learning goals are met. We strongly promote continuous learning in all our employees and everyone has access to learning and development tools.

Opportunities across the ASB Group
When you join the ASB Group, you do not just join one company, you join a Group which includes ASB, Sovereign and CBA. All of our roles are advertised internally, so as a valued staff member, you can look across the Group for future career advancement. Most roles are available to staff before we advertise externally.

Performance reviews
Your manager will provide you with regular performance feedback throughout the year. Once a year your performance will be formally reviewed to ensure you have met your targets and goals and to set new performance objectives for the upcoming year.


At some stage, you may be encouraged to take on a project or a secondment as a method of helping you achieve your career goals.