Your lifestyle

ASB Bank

Your lifestyle

At ASB, it isn't all work and no play. We place great emphasis on work/life balance. We have a range of policies to ensure you live life to the fullest!

Additional discounts
A wide variety of discounted products and services are available to ASB employees. These may include sports tickets, professional health services, sports gear and more. These benefits are subject to change at any time.

Annual leave
Taking time out is a critical part of your lifestyle, which is why we offer four weeks leave, to ensure you can recharge your batteries when you need to. The ASB has a range of flexible approaches to leave, beyond legislated requirements.

ASB is involved in many large events, such as Round the Bays, Children's Christmas Party, and regional and departmental functions.

Flexible leave options
To help our employees balance work and personal commitments we offer several additional leave options including: extended unpaid leave so that you can spend more time with your families, plan an overseas trip, or take some extra time out for rest and relaxation and purchased additional leave. This benefit has eligibility criteria and is subject to managerial discretion and conditions may apply.

Flexible working practices
Everyone's work/life balance needs are different and therefore, where possible, we provide a range of flexible work options. Different roles offer different opportunities to meet both your needs and that of the business. There are many examples of different flexible work arrangements at the ASB, including flexible working hours, condensed hours, working from home, job sharing, part-time work, and roles tailored around school hours.

Group income protection plan
For all permanent ASB employees, in the event that they are unable to work due to serious illness, there is a Group Income Protection Plan which provides a monthly benefit of 75% of the employee's total fixed salary for up to 2 years, after a stand down period of 8 weeks (as accepted by the insurer).

Group life insurance plan
All permanent ASB employees are also covered by a Group Life Insurance Plan, which provides cover of up to 4 times your salary in the event of death or total disability (as accepted by the insurer.)

We encourage you to think about saving for your future needs. To assist with this, we provide employer contributions of 3% of your gross salary or wages to the scheme so long as you are contributing. Kiwisaver is available for permanent New Zealand residents and citizens.

Long service leave
Because we appreciate your commitment to ASB, we offer long service leave and gratuities to those staff who have been with us for a minimum of 10 years.

Parental leave
We exceed NZ legislative requirements for parental leave by providing spouses with an alternative paid leave option, give you a baby present, and you may be eligible to recieve a lump sum payment after you return to work for three months on permanent hours. Eligibility criteria applies as per ASB's leave policy.

Sick and domestic leave
If you are sick or you need to care for a dependant, we generally provide 10 days sick leave, which is over and above legislation. Manager's also have the discretion to approve additional paid sick leave depending on the circumstance.

Staff Banking Benefits

We ensure you get the best possible treatment as ASB customers. To do this, we have a dedicated team of banking professionals available to help you with all your banking needs, from setting up free fees on your staff account, to getting you the best rate possible on your mortgage.