Our values

Auckland Transport

Our vision and mission provides a common purpose for our organisation and defines where we are going. These are supported by how we do things, which are embodied in our values.

Our values are behaviours we display while doing our jobs. They provide a shared way of doing things, including how we work with each other and how we do business.

Our Vision.

Delivering transport choices to get you where you want, when you want.

Our Mission.

To deliver effective and innovative transport solutions to our customers.

Our Values.

  • On Board

    On Board. What does 'On Board' look like?

    • We are positive
      Has a can-do attitude
      Seeks win-win outcomes
    • We are proud of our work and our workplace
      Is a positive ambassador for Auckland Transport
      Is a positive role model for others
    • We recognise and acknowledge achievements
      Celebrates success
      Gives credit where credit is due
    "Being on board is about telling people at a barbeque who you work for with pride. It's about creating a place where we would want our friends and whanau to work. When everyone's on board it creates a positive environment that helps us to achieve great things and enjoy the journey."

    Simon Harvey
    Chief People Officer

    Fun. Pride. Positivity.

  • One Team

    One Team. What does 'One Team' look like?

    • We work together as an effective team
      Participates constructively in own, cross-organisation and external teams
      Seeks input from others
      Share own knowledge, resources and expertise
    • We help and support others
      Informs others appropriately
      Is supportive and encouraging
    • We build positive relationships
      Treats others with respect
      Takes interest in the work and wellbeing of colleagues
    "The only way we will be successful is by working together. This means we collaborate with our customers, our business partners, each other. We go the extra mile to help and support others. We'll deliver better solutions together working as one team."

    Greg Edmonds
    Chief Infrastructure Officer

    Teamwork. Cooperation. Collaboration.

  • Straight Up

    Straight Up. What does 'Straight Up' look like?

    • We say what we mean
      Is open and honest
      Communicates a consistent message
    • We do what we say
      Walks the talk
      Leads by example
    • We can be counted on
      Is trustworthy and reliable
      Instils confidence

    Honesty. Openness. Integrity. Trust. Respect.

  • Take Action

    Take Action. What does 'Take Action' look like?

    • We take ownership and accountability
      Is proactive
      Takes responsibility
      Do what needs to be done
      Responds to the needs and expectations of customers
    • We use good judgement and make decisions
      Uses common sense
      Provides solutions
      Takes calculated risk
      Learns from experience
    • We try new things
      Looks for ways to improve what we do and how we do it
      Is open to and accepting new ways of doing things
    "We take action for the team and for our customers. It requires us to be accountable and commit to what needs to be done. We step up and provide solutions and deliver them as promised. We find new ways of making our business better."

    Ownership. Accountability. Action Orientated