Diversity of thought

Deloitte New Zealand

At Deloitte we pride ourselves on our inclusive environment. This has been an area of focus so that we are inclusive of people who have differing backgrounds and experience. We aspire to diversity of thought to add to the depth and richness of the advice we provide to our clients.

Serious yet playful - Are you ready to challenge the way we think?”

Our Inclusion Journey

All of our leaders from managers to partners are trained in inclusive leadership. Diversity and inclusion practices are now firmly integrated in various aspects of Deloitte's business strategy. Our annual engagement survey results reflect the focus that we have on diversity and inclusion where our scores are consistently well above our firm goal of 80. The introduction of the Diversity Leader Award at the Deloitte Top 200 celebrates the commitment of the business community to Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity Partnerships

Supporting organisations that are as passionate about diversity as we are is central to our contribution to the business community in New Zealand. To learn more about our partners including Global Women and Champions for Change, please click here.

Diversity is rooted at the heart of what makes Deloitte a great organisation. It’s only natural, that we seek out and support others with a similar point of view.

Global Women

Global Women is advocating the business case of the impact and influence of women leaders. Global Women has taken the leading position in the national diversity landscape.

Deloitte NZ is a major partner.


Auckland University Women's Mentoring Programme

The Women’s Mentoring Programme is a scheme that matches female students with mentors from the Business School’s vast network of business women. The objective of the Women’s Mentoring Programme is to offer the selected mentees further professional development and the chance to benefit from the experience and industry knowledge of a mentor, providing a fantastic opportunity to acquire an insight into the world of work and to get their career off to the best possible start.

Deloitte NZ is providing mentors.


Women on Boards

New Zealand based Women on Boards was established to promote greater gender diversity at the C-suite and board level. Branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch are offering training, networking and mentoring opportunities.Deloitte NZ is a branch partner.


Champions for Change

Deloitte is part of the Champions for Change where Chief Executive Officers and Chairs of significant New Zealand organisations share the vision of a new generation of diverse leadership and drive change through their personal commitment and collaborative action.

An award winning commitment to diversity

The White Camellia Awards acknowledge companies that have made the most progress in implementing the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP), which seek to empower women in the workplace.

The Firm was praised for promoting education, training and professional development for women. Deborah Lucas and Diana Maitland represented Deloitte on the night. "It was exciting to hear about what each of the winning organisations is doing towards implementing the WEP principles, and the opportunities we have to further develop our diversity and inclusion within Deloitte," said Deborah.

One of the organisers Bev Cassidy-MacKenzie, of the EEO Trust says; "We hope that other companies will learn from their (the winners) example, and make a similar effort to promote gender equality in the workplace, and treat men and women equally."