Find out more about EY’s approach to flexibility

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Find out more about EY’s approach to flexibility

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EY’s approach to flexibility

By challenging our assumptions about where, when and how work gets done, we allow our people to have greater control over their work-life balance. We want to ensure our people feel fulfilled resulting in high performing individuals, teams and better results for our clients.

Substituted Public holidays

People who celebrate different days of cultural significance are able to swap a legislated public holiday for one that has more meaning to them. An example would be substituting the Queen's birthday for Lunar New Year.

Flexible working

We offer agile and flexible working environments, with both formal (reduced hours) and informal (varied start and finishing times, working from home) arrangements available. We take a team-based approach to flexibility and encourage collaboration to agree the top outcomes for our leaders, people and our clients. We offer a number of tools and support mechanisms, including a job-redesign toolkit for our people entering into a reduced hours arrangement.

Family leave

We don't want anyone to miss out on the early years which is why EY offers short and long paid leave when a new baby arrives. At EY we encourage parents to share the responsibilities through our flexible parental leave. We have also collaborated with an external provider to offer a digital platform that will equip our people with the tools needed to assist in the transition to parenthood.

Support for family and domestic violence

To help keep our people safe and to minimise the negative impacts of domestic violence, the Domestic Violence Policy provides 10 days of additional paid leave a year to our Partners, contractors and professionals who may be impacted.


This is an important part of our commitment to a diverse and flexible workplace. At EY you have the opportunity to access an additional six weeks of leave per year, to provide you with more time for study, family or other personal pursuits to facilitate a flexible and healthy EY culture. (eg. vacations, carer responsibilities, illnesses, transitioning surgery).