senior Manager, TAS

EY New Zealand

Working at EY has allowed me to have diverse learning experiences and a work/life balance

A Senior Manager in the Transaction Advisory Services team in Melbourne, Sharni’s career has taken her to great heights since her first day as a graduate in 2008. Sharni believes this is a testament to her clients and colleagues, diverse learning experiences and the work/life balance that is possible in a transactions role.

When asked to describe her role in the Operational Transaction Services division of Transaction Advisory Services, Sharni says it’s a bit like being a GPS, navigating her clients from the idea to the reality of the post deal world. Helping her clients succeed is at the core of everything she does and as a merger integration and separation professional, Sharni helps clients realise the objectives of their acquisitions and divestments. Sharni has thoroughly enjoyed working with clients across most sectors and this diversity is something that has really enriched her career experience at EY. “Through my EY journey I have had the privilege of working across mining, oil & gas, telecommunications, online gaming, financial services, government, consumer and industrial product sectors” says Sharni.

Sharni finds herself constantly engaged at EY, because there is a team of colleagues that she can admire and learn from every day. In return, she is passionate about coaching and developing people. One of her proudest moments in her career at EY so far, has been supporting her first counselee to get promoted. Her advice to women wanting a successful long term career in Transaction Advisory Services at EY is to take advantage of the opportunities presented to find their best fit for career progression.

Sharni is a great example of a woman at EY who has been able to accelerate her career while still pursuing the best that life has to offer – from having a family, her passion for skiing, and travelling the world. These are all things Sharni enjoys while working as a high profile transactions professional. Having her husband recently join the Transaction Advisory Services team at EY, is an added bonus!

Sharni is also proof that flexibility can work in the complex world of transactions. “Before I had my son, I was sceptical I would be able to make four days a week work in this environment and even in professional services more generally. Many of my friends (outside of EY) had rather brutal experiences” comments Sharni. However, being back at EY part-time has exceeded her expectations and allowed her to enjoy her role even more. Sharni is extremely fortunate to have a team and leaders that support her commitment to work flexibly but acknowledges it is a two-way street. Her advice to women seeking the same is to “be clear about what working arrangement will work for you, and don’t be afraid to say no – like with anywhere, it is up to you to set the boundaries.” Now with baby number two on the way, Sharni is looking forward to her future career and life at EY.