About Heartland Bank

Heartland Bank

Heartland is an established New Zealand bank with roots stretching back to 1875. We provide innovative ‘best or only’ banking products in three key markets: Household (which includes consumer banking, home equity release and motor vehicle lending); Business; and Rural.

We have a clear strategic focus on growth – both organic (by expanding the distribution of our products in target markets) and by acquisition. An important part of this is harnessing new technologies that are radically changing the way we are able to:

  • Better identify and reach customers – through investment in digital marketing channels that enable us to reach larger pools of customers in a more targeted and cost effective way than traditional advertising.
  • Make it easier for customers to apply for loans in their own time and place, through simple and convenient online application processes.
  • Make faster credit decisions – based on advanced customer data analytics and operational efficiencies.
  • Reach the right customers at the right time in their financial lifecycle and deliver a radically better customer experience.


To provide innovative ‘best or only’ banking products in niche markets under-serviced by the major banks.


To challenge the banking status quo and deliver radically better customer experiences.