Why Merlin?

Merlin Entertainments

So you’re wondering whether to apply for a job at Merlin. Here are just some of the reasons our people give for choosing to work with us.

Fun comes first

We’re an international business, but we don’t trade in suits, handshakes or briefcases. We trade in smiles, shrieks, spine-tingles, memories, magic and above all fun. And that makes working here a lot of fun too.

No two hours are the same

Whether they’re working in head office, behind the scenes or front of house, there is one thing all our people agree on: life at Merlin changes day by day and, even, hour by hour. This is a place where you can experience constant variety, both in your role and in your career.

Make magic your way

Merlin is a place where you can be your true self – both with your colleagues and with our guests. We have deliberately created a down-to-earth culture where everyone can speak up, stand out and feel valued for who they are as well as what they do.

Learn, develop, and grow

There are just so many opportunities here for you to grow, personally and professionally. Not only do we offer great training and career development, but we also have lots of options for you to explore our global business, whether you want to move to a new area, a different attraction or another part of the world.

Work worth talking about

The most common reactions you get when you tell people you work at Merlin are surprise, curiosity and admiration, with possibly a small hint of envy thrown in. It’s great doing a job you can enjoy talking about – and that other people will enjoy hearing about too.