What will the work be like?

Merlin Entertainments

Wherever you are working within Merlin Entertainments plc, you are part of a company at the leading edge of the leisure and tourism business.

We offer a highly rewarding, fun and motivating working environment and create opportunities and challenges for our employees to fulfil their potential and feel part of the company's success.

We also offer a range of permanent and temporary roles in various areas of the business to suit the needs of different people.

We firmly believe that if you enjoy your time working here, our customers are much more likely to have an enjoyable time too!

Without a doubt the roles can be very hard and demanding - it takes a special kind of person to be as friendly and positive at the end of the day as they are at the beginning.

Our teams of staff are welcoming, committed, and believe in supporting each other to get the job done.

Remember there will be plenty of people in the same boat as you! Additionally, all of our managers operate an open door policy, so there's always someone to talk to if you need to.