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Our people are our greatest strength. Without a broad base of talented people, wecannot continue to deliver exceptional results. Our goals are to attract, hire, train & retain the most talented people. By valuing our employees, supporting their ability to work effectively together and providing them with the tools they need to succeed, we are ensuring that pepsico australia & new zealand is the kind of company where talented people of all backgrounds want to work.

Proven Results.
Leadership Ability.
Functional Excellence.
Knowing the Business Cold.
Critical Experiences.
Long-Term Career Growth.

Demonstrating consistent and superior results is essential for you to be considered for future job opportunities. We take a long-term view of performance against Business and People Results. Consistency is important. It's unlikely that one success will make your career, or that one failure will end it. We're looking for a track record of sustained successes rather than unpredictable highs and lows. This does not mean achieving results at any cost. We value results that are based on trust, respect, fairness and teamwork and results that create a lasting impact. That means an employee should remain in an assignment long enough to make his or her contributions clear.

"People Results" are a significant part of our performance expectations. Managers need to be able to attract, retain and develop the very best talent. Our 360-degree feedback and Organizational Health processes tell us how well we're doing. The People Results rating in our Performance Management Process (PMP) reflects the importance we place on people management, team work and self-development.