SKYCITY endorsed by Women’s Refuge for domestic violence support

SkyCity Entertainment Group

SKYCITY, The Warehouse Group, and Fonterra and have all received the Workplace Refuge endorsement, recognising their achievements in the family violence space. The endorsement by Women’s Refuge acknowledges and celebrates businesses that are actively providing a workplace refuge for staff experiencing family violence.

“When you consider that most people are spending at least eight hours a day at work, having a responsive workplace where family violence can be talked about, and where people being harmed have an opportunity to be supported properly, it can protect against the loss of productivity and added costs involved in ongoing harm to employees,” says Women’s Refuge Chief Executive, Dr Ang Jury.

To receive the endorsement an organisation must have illustrated that family violence is prevented, victims and perpetrators of family violence are helped, communication and networking are increased, family violence initiatives are prioritised, and leadership in driving change is demonstrated.

SKYCITY’s Domestic/Family Violence policy, developed in conjunction with Women’s Refuge, was introduced in March 2017. Since then, the company has completed more than 385 hours of White Ribbon training of more than 250 managers across the business in how to recognise the signs of domestic/family violence, respond accordingly and refer to the appropriate organisations.

In November 2017 SKYCITY Auckland held a White Ribbon awareness event for its staff to raise awareness of the policy and support available to staff.

SKYCITY Auckland has also established a Family Violence Committee that will, alongside the long established Connect Team, be a point of contact for staff. The Connect Team is an employee support service, offering confidential help and advice to employees for issues in, or outside of, the workplace.

Group General Manager Human Resources Claire Walker says the wellbeing of SKYCITY’s employees is a priority, especially those in vulnerable situations at home OR especially those impacted by domestic violence.

“Given the dynamic and 24/7 nature of our business, a key component of our programme is equipping frontline leaders with the knowledge and tools to support our employees,” says Claire Walker, Group GM Human Resources at SKYCITY.

Dr Ang Jury says she’s proud of these organisations for taking the lead in incorporating family violence initiatives and policy in to their business. “It has been an honour to partner with them to provide their staff with in-depth workplace training and to hear about how useful the different tools have been. These businesses are looking at solutions and ways to support their staff that goes above and beyond standard a family violence policy.”