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Your Community

At Sovereign we are working to "Be the Difference" in our community, by partnering with organisations that share our values and together taking action to ensure the future health and happiness of New Zealanders.

Happiness Matters

Our community sponsorship programme 'Happiness Matters' is about striving for a happier, healthier New Zealand. It's important to us that everyone has the opportunity to lead a life they love; so we complement the work we do at claim time, in times of illness and distress, with intervention and prevention strategies that have a positive health focus and outcome.

We have partnered with some great organisations to positively impact New Zealander's lives:

  • AUT University - developing New Zealand's first Wellbeing Index, the most comprehensive survey yet of the quality of life of New Zealanders.
  • Buddy Day - having honest conversations to change a community crisis; child abuse.
  • Youthline - improving the mental well-being, and giving opportunities to New Zealand's young people.
  • Working with communities, agencies and the government sector to improve New Zealander's wellbeing.
  • Creating opportunities for our people to volunteer with our community partners.