Where to start your AA journey

AA New Zealand

Our Contact Centre is a fantastic place to start your AA journey

Three teams handle calls from all across New Zealand, giving the best customer service on each call. No matter what team you join, you will genuinely help people when they need it most.

  • Our Service Response Centre (SRC) handles breakdown calls. We like to think they change tires with their minds. SRC team members get all the right details, and use their helpful expertise to put people back on track.
  • The Customer Contact Centre (CCC) is trusted in maintaining memberships and answering any (really any) queries. Be it a wrong-phone-number call or a membership sale, CCC team members will solve it.
  • The Business Service Centre (BSC) looks after our top clients, understanding a range of tailored benefits. BSC team members like stepping out of the box to create solutions for even the trickiest of situations.  

Here, you will get variety

You never know exactly what you'll hear when you answer the phone in our contact centre. Which means your role is sure to provide endless variety.

So what might you be doing? Where to start: arranging assistance for our members whose cars have broken down. You will provide people with access to trades people for repairs, arranging lessons for learner drivers, answering questions about our AA products and services and acknowledging complaints or compliments.

We do it all, and we take pride in doing it brilliantly as a team. We are responsive, empathetic, solution driven and, most of all, customer focused. You'll take great care to make sure every customer has a positive experience.

Two great locations: (or work from home)

Most of our team is based in Penrose. On one open floor we house SRC, CCC, and BSC team members. Needless to say there always a lot going on in Penrose; shared lunches, friendly competitions, and just the right amount of high-fives. No matter where you sit you will be a part of the team. We know there is always more to learn from each other, and value the friendships we make at work so it’s a really inviting space.

We also have a brand new North Shore Contact Centre, to help us keep up with business growth. The team on the North Shore is a new-generation of Customer Service Representatives; they take SRC, CCC, and BSC calls supporting the entire Penrose Team. The North Shore team visits Penrose monthly, because we are one big team at the end of the day.

Aside from our two Contact Centre locations, we also have a dedicated team of Home Based Agents (HBA) across Auckland. HBAs use an office space within their own home; they are supplied with all the training and equipment they need to get going. After a site inspection, training, and the ok from a Team Manager you could work from home too. HBA’s can start in any team, and if you think this option suits you, ask us about it.

New Zealand never stops, and neither do we

The NZAA contact centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. This means we are bound to have the right hours for you. We have everything from early starts to late nights, so you can skip the morning motorway jam, or sleep in to your hearts content.

Need a day off but don’t want to use the annual leave you were saving for that trip to Bali?

We let our team members do shift swops, which we think is pretty amazing. Simply trade days with someone in your team for the same amount of hours, and get the ok from your Team Manager.